Orbit Communications Pty Ltd

29B Amsterdam Circuit,
Wyong, NSW 2259, Australia
Phone: 02 43 554554
Email: Sales@orbitcoms.com
Trading Hours: 9am till 5pm weekdays


Orbit Communications Pty Ltd is the sole owner of BodyGuard Safety Solutions.

BodyGuard Safety Solutions provide industrial safety solutions focused on keeping people and plant a safe a distance away from each other. This people to plant segregation ensures the risk of pedestrian staff being hit by moving plant is significanty reduced or eliminated in your work site.

BodyGuard Pedestrian Safety warning systems are suitable for almost any environment (such as workshops, warehouses, outdoor yards and
construction sites). The Systems are easy to install and operate and provide both the vehicle driver and pedestrians a clear and unmistakable warning in event the safety exclusion zone around the vehicle is breached.

For more information about the BodyGuard pedestrian safety warning system click here