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Remote Temperature Monitoring and Alarm Systems


Remote Temperature Alarm for Poultry Sheds

TempSaver wireless Temperature Monitoring and Alarm system can be used to remotely monitor incubator temperatures, egg storage room temperature, broiler sheds, water level and humidity. Optional outputs can also be used to control ventilation fans and heating devices.The TempSaver wireless temperature monitor / alarm system has been designed to offer around-the-clock instant remote monitoring of temperature and/or humidity and water levels at remote shed locations.Temp Saver offers peace of mind monitoring for Chicken and other Poultry farmers. >>Click here for more details

  • Save loss of poultry by 24-hour constant temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Alarms at shed, at house and on your mobile phone
  • Easy to install and simple to use
  • No costly cable to run

Wireless Remote Frost Warning alarm systems

FrostAlert helps prevent damage to crops by constantly monitoring temperature at remote locations across the farm. When the temperature at any remote location falls below the user-programmable threshold, the system sends an instant text message to a mobile phone.The system is supplied with Remote Temperature sensor units that can accept up to four PT100 precision, industrial quality probes. The remote units are low power devices that can be battery or solar powered.The system has a Master unit with a display that shows the current temperature at all remote locations and enables setting the temperature trip points as well as the Mobile phone number. Ideal for all types crop growers. >>Click here for more details

  • Protect your investment by early warning of impending frost on your crops
  • Instant alarm to your mobile phone
  • Auxiliary outputs to remotely control sprinklers or hot-air blowers

Industrial and Commercial Remote Wireless Temperature Monitoring system

GenTemp is a wireless temperature monitoring system that has been designed to provide an effective solution for remote temperature monitoring in almost any situation. This wireless temperature monitoring and alarm system can be easily expanded to provide a vast network of devices. The system comprises Remote Wireless Temperature sensing units and a programmable Master unit that can be used to configure the temperature set-points and display current temperature values at the remote locations. >>Clicke here for more details

  • Prevent costly down time by monitoring your equipment - for example operating temperature of bearings on conveyors
  • Optional GSM alarm sends text message to your mobile phone
  • Save lives by early fire detection with remote heat sensors
  • Ensure coolrooms and other temperature-critical applications are operating within the acceptable limits
  • Individual High and Low temperature setting and alarm enable or each sensor on the network
  • Can be expanded to provide a vast network of remotely monitored temperatures

Remote Water Monitoring and Control Systems


Remote Water tank level monitoring and Pump control systems

EverPump wireless tank monitoring and pump control system can be used to remotely monitor tanks, bores, dams and other water reserves and provide the switching function for your pumping equipment. Everpump wireless tank monitoring and pump control system is based on proven wireless technology and uses feedback monitoring from the tank unit to the pump to ensure the link health is continuously monitored. >>Click here for more details

  • Save time and cost traveling between pumps and tanks. Instant switching results in efficient use of resources
  • Save valuable water resources that may be lost due to from stuck float switches or broken pipes
  • Prevent damage to your pumps, monitored water flow prevents pumps from being run dry

Wireless Irrigation Pivot and Linear Sprinkler monitoring

Agrigator-Pivot is a wireless monitoring and alarm system that monitors the state of a Pivot Irrigation Sprinkler. The Remote unit has 6 Digital Inputs, 4 Relay outputs and a RS232 serial Port. The unit can monitor events such as Main power loss, Pivot out-of-line and Pivot cycle complete. The status of each Pivot Sprinkler is sent back to the Pivot Master Unit for processing.The system has an optional GSM dialer that enables alarm messages to be sent to a mobile phone. >>Click here for more details

  • Prevent damage or loss of valuable water resources by constant monitoring of remote pivot sprinklers
  • Pump start "Lock-Out" prevents pump being started when Pivot is not ready or has a fault
  • Instant message to mobile phone for remote alarm monitoring
  • Dial-in feature enables state of system to be reported as well as remote Start and Stop function.

Remote Pulse Transmitter/Receiver System

RainMate pulse transmission system provides an efficient remote Rainfall or water flow monitorl. The Remote unit has been designed to operate at very low current and is suitable for battery or solar operation.The RainMate wireless master unit receives information from the remote unit and regenerates the correct number of pulses received. >>Click here for more details

  • Convenient remote monitoring of rainfall or water flow rates -saves driving out to inaccessible areas (save time and fuel)
  • Wireless system appears "transparent" as if the monitor equipment is connected directly to the sensor
  • Low Battery alarm indicates if battery at remote site is getting low
  • Very low power unit suitable for solar power
  • Connects directly to Tipping Bucket rain guages, pulse meters etc

Wireless Input/Output Systems


Wireless Input/Output systems (RTU - Remote Telemetry Units)

Orbit RTU wireless input/output systems offer an excellent solution for almost any industrial or agricultural remote switching application. The RTU wireless input/output units are available with a wide range of digital and analogue inputs and outputs to suit your requirements. These systems are ideal for alarm contact monitoring, remote switching, HVAC control, process monitoring, remote radio based pump control and tank monitoring and general telemetry. >>Click here for more details

  • Simple ON/OFF remote wireless switching
  • Analogue sensor monitoring (pressure, voltage, temperature, current, level etc)
  • Speed and rotation monitoring. Ideal as Belt-Slip monitor alarm or Hazardous area monitoring of rotation
  • Can be set up as simple link between 2 units or as a vast controller network
  • Can be controlled by our RMT Handheld transmitter units. Click here to see details of Handheld Transmitters

Wireless Analog Signal Transmitter/Receiver systems

The AnalogBridge is ideal to be used as a 4-20mA Current Loop wireless link. The AnalogBridge comprises a wireless remote Transmitter unit and matching wireless Receiver unit.The system replaces cable between 4-20mA current loop devices for distances up to 10km.. >>Click here for more details

  • Ideal replacement for cable with 4-20mA current loop applications
  • Dam level monitoring
  • Mining Applications

Wireless Handheld Controller Devices

Orbit's RMT series devices are Handheld wireless transmitters that have up to 8 function buttons and an optional Variable POT.
The function buttons provide remote wireless ON/OFF control for machinery such as crusher plants, remote truck fill, remote gate openers, valve control, hoists, Conveyor start/Stop systems. An optional Analog input enables ON/ OFF times, Belt speed etc to be adjusted remotely using the RMT handheld device. >>Click here for more details

Wireless Remote Master Control Units

The RMC devices are used to provide remote visual monitoring, configuration and control for Orbit wireless Systems.The units come are available in three versions

1. LCD display (20 characters x 4 lines with back light)
2. Graphical LCD with 30 character x 16 line text display and graph plotting features
3. Graphical TFT Colour touch screen and LAN connection

All the RMC units have a wireless link (151MHz, 433MHz,915MHz and 2400MHz available)
Also the RMC units have a in-built Real time clock and non-volatile memory for logging applications, a Serial port for connection to a PC or optional GSM dialer and navigation keypad. >>Click here for more details

Vehicle Safety Systems


Proximity Detection and Warning System

Orbit Communications' BodyGuard System provides protection to Vehicles, Property and Personnel by activating an alarm if an object within its user-defined protected zone. An invisible protection zone is created around any vehicle, person or access area that has a BodyGuard unit installed. >>Click here for more details

  • Forklifts
  • Trucks
  • Warehouses
  • Personnel protection
  • Hazardous/Keep out zone alarm
  • Doorway and Access way protection

Web and Mobile Phone Monitoring and Control Systems


GSM100 (Alarm Dialer sends messages to Mobile Phone)

The GSM100 Dialer is available as an option to many of our wireless control and monitoring systems.The GSM100 dialer enables delivery of status and alarm text messages to a mobile phone as well as enabling simple control of remote devices from your mobile phone. An OEM version is available that enables GPRS connections from the remote site that can be accessed via a standard web browser. By simply logging on to your own remote access page you can configure, see history and current status and control events at your remote site in real time.