Wireless Water Monitoring

Quality solutions save you in the long run - Efficiently managing your Resources

Systems specifically designed to improve efficiency. Whether you want to monitor a dam, bore, tank or control sprinklers, our wireless remote water solutions offer dependable ongoing performance .

Save Fuel and Labor costs. Our wireless systems will switch on a pump quicker than you can flick a light switch - and cost you practically nothing.

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Ever Pump - Wireless Tank monitor and remote pump control system

EverPump wireless tank monitoring and pump control system can be used to remotely monitor tanks, bores, dams and other water reserves and provide pump switching function to your pump system.

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Everpump wireless tank monitoring and pump control system is based on proven wireless technology and uses feedback monitoring from the tank unit to the pump to ensure the link health is continuously monitored. In the event of a communications failure, an optional GSM dialer send a message to your mobile phone. The system also provides a local alarm relay contact at each end of the link for activating a audible of visual alarm.

An optional EverPump Monitor unit can be installed at the house to see at a glance the state of your system and to provide remote manual override of the pumps. >>MORE

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Agrigator - Wireless Pivot and Lateral Irrigator Monitoring system with GSM Dialer

Agrigator-Pivot is a wireless monitoring and alarm system that monitors the state of a Pivot Irrigation Sprinkler

The Remote unit has 6 Digital Inputs, 4 Relay outputs and a RS232 serial Port. The unit can monitor events such as Main power loss, Pivot out of line and Pivot cycle complete. The status of each Pivot Sprinkler is sent via the wireless link back to the Pivot Master Unit for processing.
The Pivot Master Unit also has 6 Digital Inputs and 4 Relay Outputs as well as a Serial port. The Wireless Pivot Master Unit control the pumps as well as provide lockout features in event of dry pump or Pivot problems.

The system has an optional GSM dialer that enables alarm messages to be sent to a mobile phone as well as enabling you to request status data and manually override the system. All wireless communications are fully monitored.
The wireless Pivot monitoring and alarm system can be powered by 110VAC, 230VAC, 12VDC or 24V DC.>>MORE

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