Wireless Remote Control Systems

RTU - Wireless Input/Output System

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Orbit wireless Remote Control systems offer an integrated solution for almost any application. Replace a PLC, HMI, IO Modules and Radio link with a single Orbit wireless RTU unit.

There is no need to use a PLC and a bunch of relays or timers to satisfy your specific requirements for remote monitoring or control. Our wireless remote control systems provide user-programmable function, flexible input/output and rock solid radio link all rolled into one device.

With Orbit wireless remote switching and monitoring systems you can easily switch on Landing lights on a runway, monitor pressure in a pipe, control a variable drive unit, start or stop a bore pump, move a gantry crane, control gates and valves and much more.

Our range of Wireless Input and Output devices provide excellent solutions for industrial applications. These systems can be used to remotely monitor industrial machinery, control processes and provide alarm notification. All radio communications are self monitoring to ensure reliable wireless communication at all times. Systems are available with ranges from several hundred metres to several kilometres.


Orbit wireless Input/Output devices (RTU) have been designed to offer reliable ongoing performance in almost any application.
Whether you need to a wireless switch, monitor a tank level, monitor equipment rotation speed or switch lights,heating,motors etc on of off then our range of RTU devices will provide an effective solution for your application.You can specify the required number of digital and/or analog inputs and outputs that your application requires.

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wireless power supplywireless relays






Optional DIN mounted 230 VAC/ 10A relays


Optional DIN 230VAC/ 12 or 24V DC Power supply

The Outdoor enclosure unit has been designed to be suitable for battery or solar power supply in addition to the standard 12/24V DC or AC operation. We can supply a Solar powered version that comes complete with the Backup battery, Solar regulator, Solar Panel and Solar panel mounting bracket.