GenTemp GSM temperature monitor and alarm system

GenTemp has been designed to provide reliable temerature monitoring and remote alarm indication directly up to 5 mobiles phones. The system operates on both global GSM and Next-G/3G mobile phone networks.

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The GenTemp tempertaure monitoring and alarm system has a single digital temperature probe that operates over the range -20 to +150 Degrees C. The resolution of the temperature reading is better than 0.1 Degrees C.

The GenTemp system can be supplied with either built-in temperature probe (this option is typically used for monitoring room temperature such as computer server rooms) or an external temperature probe that is fitted with 5m of cable (the external probe option is typically used for monitoring temperature inside a compartment such as a cooler or refrigeration unit; where it is not practical to install the entire unit).

GenTemp temperature monitor and alarm system has been designed to operate at low power levels and is suitable to be powered by renewable energy source. Solar power supply option is available

GenTemp is available with a built-in Display/Keyboard. The Display/Keyboard option provides a convenient method for making changes to the system (such as temperature alarm trip-points, GSM phone numbers and site description). The Display also enables current temperature and system status to be viewed locally at any time. All settings are accomplished using the Display/Kaypad. The option without the Display/Keypad is generally used when the system is installed at a remote location that normally does not have staff present. In this case the temperature alarm set-points and GSM phone numbers etc are programmed into the unit using Windows based setup software that is provided with the system. The Display/Keypad also offers a local audible and visual alarm in addition to the GSM text message being sent.



In addition to the temperature being monitored and alarm text messages being sent to mobile phones in the case of over or under temperature, the GenTemp Temperature monitoring and alarm system monitors the backup battery voltage and the mains power supply. In event of mains power loss, the GenTemp unit will send an SMS text message to the mobile phone/s indicating Mains Loss and then another when the mains is restored. In the same manner Low backup battery voltage and voltage ok messages are also sent.

GenTemp also has 2 digital outputs that can be controlled by SMS text messages received from any mobile phone. A user-programmable password prevents unaihtorised access to the system. An example of how this might be used is when GenTemp is being used to montor for over temperature situation in a computer server room. Upon receiving the over temperature alert on the mobile phone, the recipient can send a message back to the GenTemp unit to switch one of the outputs ON or OFF. This may activate a cooling fan that can help keep the temperature down until a service person can reach the site to fix the problem that caused the over temperature situation to arise.

At any time, a user can send a SMS text message using their mobile phone to the GenTemp temperature monitor and alarm system to request current status. The system will send back a text message indicating the current Temperature, Battery Voltage and state of the outputs.

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GenTemp User Guide (No Display) pdf

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