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Quality solutions save you in the long run- Control at your Fingertips

Orbit GSM based remote control and monitoring solutions provide the ideal solution for remote access.

Reliable systems that send alerts and status information directly to your mobile phone and enable you to control simple applications at your remote site using text messages from your mobile phone. You can switch on your pumps or read the current dam level using your mobile phone while you are relaxing in a cafe bar or out on business. Almost anywhere, anytime.

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Protect your investment from extreme weather damage, power failure, reticulation pump failure etc. Our GSM remote monitoring and control solutions will let you know immediately if anything is out of limits.

GSMX Remote control and alarm system

GSM remote io unit















The GSMX remote control and alarm system have been designed to give convenient access to your resources and to provide 24-hour remote monitoring of critical processes at your site to protect your investment. The GSMX family of remote monitoring and control devices operate on worldwide GSM and Next-G/3G mobile phone networks. All High and Low alarm trip points are user-programmable, as is specific site description for each remote site. All GSMX alert messages are sent directly up to 10 mobile numbers and/or one or more computers.

The GSMX systems are housed in heavy-duty Metal enclosures that have a hinged door for easy access and Lock for security. The units are IP67 water-proof and dust-proof.

The GSMX units can be supplied with up to 4 Digital Inputs for monitoring voltage-free contact sources (such as relays, open collector and open drain output from other equipment and switches. The inputs will also cope with voltages up to +/- 30V DC).

The GSMX units can have up to 4 Relay outputs that rated at 2Amps/230VAC each. (External higher powered relays can be used for larger load requirements)

GSMX units have an optional Analog module that provides 4 Analogue inputs for monitoring inputs from remote sensors (such as pressure sensors, temperature sensors, humidity etc) in addition to the Digital inputs and outputs.

In addition to the Digital inputs and outputs, the GSMX units have built-in Supply voltage monitoring circuit (ideal for monitoring power sources from renewable energy sources such as Solar Panel, Backup battery etc), The system will send Mains Loss/ restore messages as well as Low battery and battery ok messages directly up to 10 mobile phones on GSM or Next-G/3G mobile netwroks.

The GSMX units unit come with software that enables each input and output to be configured, text alert messages to be defined, site description text and multiple phone numbers to be assigned to any or all of the alarm outputs.


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GSMX Remote GSM User Guide (pdf)