FrostAlert - Early warning frost detection and alarm system

FrostAlert™ early warning frost detection system helps prevent damage to crops and gives peace of mind by providing an early warning alarm of impending frost conditions. Instead of the requirement to wake up every few hours to check the outside temperature FrostAlert™ early warning system will activate an audible and visual alarm when the temperature in the field falls below a programmable set-point. The FrostAlert™ frost warning system has switched outputs that can be used to turn on watering for fogging system for a programmable period to help lower risk of damage to crops as a result of frost.

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The Frost Alert™ system consists of a remote senso unit that is installed at location where the temperature requires monitoring. The battery-powered remote unit can be located up to several km away from the house.

The remote temperature monitoring unit and sends regular temperature update information to a base station located in the house or shed.

The Master Alert unit receives periodic temperature information from the remote unit and compares the received values with the user-programmable trip temperature (temperature where alarm is activated). Typically the trip temperature is set slightly above frost point (2 or 3 degrees Celsius) in order to give plenty of warning before a frost condition occurs. In event that an alarm is activated, a watering or fog system can be used to help prevent damage by the impending frost conditions.

The alarm will automatically reset when the temperature rises 1 degree Celsius above the programmed trip temperature.

The system has built-in monitoring of the Radio link between the house and remote temperature sensing unit and will activate an alarm if the communication link is not healthy.

The system has optional Text Alert function that sends alarm message directly up to 5 mobile phone numbers when the temperature falls below the user-programmable set-point. The user can send a text command by mobile phone to the system at any time to request current temperature.

Frost Alert

FrostAlert GSM User Guide (pdf)