Agrigator - Wireless Lateral and Pivot Monitor and Alarm System

Quality saves you in the long run.

Save time and money and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions using Agrigator Lateral and Pivot irrigator monitoring alarm system.

With Agrigator, there is no need to drive to your site to check the irrigation system is still running correctly, the system will contact you if there is a problem. You can also request the system to send you a report at any time that shows it is still operating.

Agrigator ensures that your pump is switched off and will not start if there is a problem with the pivot or lateral irrigation equipment and then sends an alert text message directly to your mobile phone - anywhere, anytime.

Some operators choose to run a signal cable all the way from the pivot or lateral irrigation equipment back to the pump. This can have some benefit by switching off the pump but still does not solve the issue of letting you know there is a problem. Also, what many do not realize is that long runs of cable in the ground act as large antennas for induced dangerous voltages during lightning activity that can result in damage to your equipment. Another option was to place a dialer on the irrigation system itself, this also has limited effectiveness as you will be advised of an issue but your pump will be pumping all the time that it takes you to get to your site

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Orbit Communications AGRIGATOR wireless lateral and pivot monitoring alarm system provides you the total solution that offers ongoing dependable performance and peace of mind.

Agrigator is a wireless monitoring and alarm system that forms a virtual link between your Pivot or Lateral irrigator and the Pump. The Main unit continually monitors the state of the Pivot or Lateral irrigator and in event of a problem will stop the pump and send an alert message directly to your mobile phone, anywhere - anytime.

The Agrigator remote Pivot and Lateral irrigator monitor alarm system ensures that the both Irrigator and the Pump are linked at all times so that in event of a problem with either end, the Pump AND Pivot can be stopped and then restarted together.

All alarms are sent to your Mobile Phone. The pump can be stopped and restarted from your mobile phone or manually restarted by visiting the site. You can also request the system to send a a status report to your mobile phone to determine the current state of your system. Even if you have multiple sites, you can set up each site with its own identification for the text alarm messages to your mobile phone.

The main control unit can be set up to control either electric or diesel pumps/generators etc. The system can monitor pipe pressure, phase voltages also.

Effective and reliable wireless remote monitoring of

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