Specialized Risk Management Solutions:

Whether you need to protect your workers from risk of collision, a field of potatoes from the damaging effects of frost or a cool-room full of meat from temperature extremes; Orbit will work with you to provide  an effective solution to lower your risk and help keep your workers safer, prevent loss of valuable assets and reduce expensive down time.

Orbit Communications provide integrated solutions that are designed to closely match your actual requirements. The solutions are 100% fully supported by the manufacturer for peace of mind operation. Protect your valuable resources and assets using industrial-quality solutions from Orbit with quality that saves you in the long run.

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Personnel and vehicle safety improvement - BodyGuard

Pedestrians and moving vehicles do not mix. Despite safety initiatives used in modern workplaces, too many people are still being injured or killed by moving vehicles and machinery. Collision Avoidance

Drivers have difficulty seeing people in blind spots or low visibility conditions (dusty, dirty or low light). In addition to the risk of being hit by a moving vehicle, other outcomes can be very costly to the organisation. 

          Higher insurance premiums

          Cost of repair to damaged vehicles or plant

          Expensive equipment and personnel downtime

          OH&S investigations

          Negative reputation for providing safe environment for workers

          Lowered worker morale

BodyGuard proximity warning system reduces the risk of collision by helping maintain a safe distance between people, vehicles and machinery. The system alerts the driver when a person is detected too close to their vehicle. This provides a chance for the driver to stop the vehicle and avoid an incident, offering a second chance to pedestrians that would otherwise not be seen.

BodyGuard improves your organisation’s bottom line. Even non-injury collisions can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars every day a vehicle is out of service and downtime resulting from OH&S investigations. Reducing the risk of collision provides your company real savings by minimizing the chance of collisions occurring in the first place.

Typical applications

          Earthworks and Road construction

          Building Construction


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